Customer Service

Our number one commitment is to our customers and the highest level of service possible. Langer Transport has Customer Service Operations at all of our terminals that can handle each unique set of operating parameters for that region.  This allows us to become experts with regards to loading facilities and the specific areas of our consignee’s needs. 


This begins with communication.

Fleet Equipment (Tractors & Trailers)
Safety Technology
Transportation Unexcelled!!! That's our motto and that applies to our equipment too. Langer only uses top notch equipment. All Langer's trailers are custom built (Tremcar and Polar) and hand made. They range in size and capacity based on customer needs. Our tractors are the workhorses of the fleet and need to be reliable. This is why Langer employs a fleet of newer model Freightliner Cascadia's as their flagship company tractor and push stringent hiring restrictions to owner operators to ensure the whole fleet is up the Langer Standard of road quality equipment.
Kosher / Food Grade Services
Electronic Logging Devices (ELD's), DPF Filtration Systems, Total Mail Dispatching: These are just a few items on the digital frontier for trucking. Langer has successfully adopted and implemented these advances in truck tech to aid and assist our drivers with being able to feel safer, more alert and more profitable behind the wheel. Click on the link to find out more about how Langer is at the forefront of innovation for this new challenging endeavor.
Langer hosts a wide variety of services. Included within those services is the ability to haul and transport Kosher products in Certified Kosher Trailers along with Food Grade Products in Food Grade dedicated equipment. Langer also partners with several tank washes in order to facilitate Kosher or Food Grade Cleaning Services. Learn how Kosher/Food Grade services are providing a healthier, more sustainable environment for the products we use daily in our homes.