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Langer host the ability to provide food grade washed and dedicated equipment. This includes trailers, hoses, and fittings, all food grade washed at accredited wash facilities, wipe tested and sealed to insure quality control.


Langer Transport has made great strides over the years towards ensuring that kosher products are transported only in kosher approved tanker trucks. To this end, we now boast a fleet of kosher dedicated tankers with the ability to have kosher truck/tank wash's completed throughout the country.Kosher services are a must in a society built around clean living and a greener way of life. In order to facilitate the needs of our customers and ensure each load meets the demanding standards of Kosher Certification, a Kosher maintenance wash is performed at times between loads to ensure integrity.

A kosher maintenance wash is a washing that will maintain the kosher status of an already kosher truck. It is not a kashering. After a truck delivers a load, it must be washed and sanitized before it can be reloaded. A kosher wash does not use non-kosher recycled water. It is the priority of Langer to make sure that dedicated kosher tankers are only receiving a kosher maintenance wash.  Langer Transport as well as other kosher certified organizations where we clean trailers have created a network of kosher maintenance and wash stations across the country to service our kosher fleet, thus providing our customers a much needed service.

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