Responsible Care...A path to sustainability! Tomorrow Starts Today!

Langer Transport has recently been re-certified a Responsible Care Partner with the ACC (American Chemistry Council) for a further 4 years!

As society grows, the need to provide food, clean drinking water, and clean energy increases, and with that growth comes new challenges. It is estimated that in the next 20 years there will be 2 billion more people on this planet. With the increased strain on limited natural resources, there was never a more important time to find new and safe ways to innovate and develop new products to provide long lasting sustainability. Through the development of natural science & the Chemical Industry, the ACC (American Chemistry Council) has developed a program known as Responsible Care. Within this program are the worlds leading manufacturers (Members) of raw chemical goods and the carriers (Partners) that haul and transport those goods around the world. Responsible Care is built upon a set of guiding principles that all partners and members adhere to which go above and beyond federal and state regulations in the areas of EHS&S (Environmental, Health, Safety & Security) These are the four main pillars that provide us a safe and secure society. In those guiding principles we operate together (not at competitors but as allies) building and shaping a better world. We share best practices and facilitate zero incident cultures all throughout the supply chain and we do this through a Plan, Do, Check, Act philosophy. We then report publicly annually on performance metrics that can have impacts on any area touching EHS&S to further promote transparency to outside stakeholders. We use third party ANAB accredited auditing firms to come in (neutral to both Member/Partner companies and the ACC) to audit us against a technical spec that is comprised of the last 40 years worth of experience in building safer practices derived from every major event during that time. Collectively we have come up with what we believe to be an excellent solution to providing a more stable future: Product Safety, Process Safety, Security & a RCMS (Responsible Care Management System).

Every employee has a role to play within Responsible Care and every employee must know & understand their role in order to achieve success in lowering our exposure to EHS&S mishaps. Click on the video to the right and learn how Responsible Care is shaping the chemical & transportation industry to build a safer more sustainable future..