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Responsible Care: A path to sustainability

Responsible Care® is the chemical industry’s world-class environmental, health, safety and security performance initiative. It’s our commitment to doing more, and doing better. Responsible Care companies are industry leaders, playing a vital part to ensure that the business of chemistry is safe, secure and sustainable.

Since 2010, Responsible Care companies such as Langer Transport have decreased distribution incidents by 31 percent, reduced injury and illness rates by 30 percent (a rate 5x better than the US manufacturing industry), NOx emissions by 41 percent, and hazardous air pollutants by 24 percent.

The 100 partner companies in the transportation, storage and distribution sector of Responsible Care work together with leading manufacturer of raw chemical goods, going above and beyond federal and state regulations in the areas of EHS&S (Environmental, Health, Safety & Security)

We operate together as allies, building and shaping a safer world. We share best practices and facilitate zero-incident cultures throughout the supply chain, following a Plan-Do-Check-Act philosophy. We then report publicly annually on performance metrics that can have impacts on any area touching EHS&S to further promote transparency to outside stakeholders.


We use third-party ANAB accredited auditing firms to audit us against an extensive technical specification that is comprised of the last 40 years worth of experience in building safer practices derived from the analysis of every major event that has occurred in this industry. Collectively we have invested more than $27B in enhancing security, product safety, and process safety, all under the guise of the Responsible Care Management System.

Every employee and driver has a role to play within Responsible Care and we ensure those at Langer Transport  understand their role to achieve success in lowering our exposure to EHS&S mishaps. The video above provides an introduction to how Responsible Care is shaping the chemical & transportation industry to build a safer more sustainable future. It's worth a look.

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