Family owned and in its third generation, Langer's history is deep rooted in tradition. The Langer brothers David, Jerry, and Robert, grandsons to Joseph Langer (the innovator and creator of Langer Transport), oversee the same dedication to Safety, Service, and Quality that has served this company for over 85 years. Over time Langer has seen great growth and success across the nation as they have grown from a local pickup and delivery service to one of the nations top bulk liquid carriers.

Today Langer Transport spans 5 major terminals and 11 satellite operations, employs over 275 drivers and 150 staff members, and services some of the worlds largest manufacturers of raw chemicals. Through proven platforms Langer has been able to supply the nation with a Safe and Secure method for transport. Langer hosts a variety of services (outlined on the services tab and on our website including food grade, kosher, high temperature, insulated, non-insulated, single vs. compartment trailers, and more.


Langer has recently become a Certified Responsible Care Partner with the American Chemistry Council to further promote their dedication to safety. Through RC, Langer adheres to a set of guiding principles that go above and beyond federal and state regulations. This is done through Process Safety, Product Safety, Security and a Dedication to reporting publicly while always striving to better ourselves and our processes to create a safe, sustainable future for the stakeholders we deliver to  and around.

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