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Over the years Langer has adapted to the many changes faced within the trucking industry. Technology changes, regulation changes, emissions standards... all always moving forward to better the model from last year. During this process of change, Langer has gone through many truck styles and models. Today, where environmental foot print plays such a strong role, Langer has chosen to partner with Freightliner and their Cascadia Model (An American Made Truck) as their flag ship company tractor. Langer stands for Transportation Unexcelled, and we expect our equipment to meet that same standard. Within the Cascadia are innovations in emissions reductions with the use of DPF filters. All Langer company owned tractors come equipped with both a Roper 3" Pump and Air Compressor along with APU (Assisted Power Unit) modules, allowing drivers to power the bunk without idling at night. Tractors are equipped Bridgestone or Michelen tires for improved traction and longer life span. Tire averages of 450,000 miles (Longevity with less blow outs)We're working to reduce the amount of carbon monoxide released into the atmosphere and to operate in a much greener fashion.


At Langer we believe quality and safety stand above all else: in order to be the best your equipment needs to be the best. This is why all Langer Transport trailers are custom hand built from either Tremcar (A Canadian Manufacturer) or Polar (An American Manufacturer). They are constructed from either aluminum or stainless steel and offer a wide variety of options for the customer. 

  • True Rear Unloader (equipped with optional nose line)

  • Center/Belly Unloader (equipped with optional rear & nose lines)

  • Multi-Compartment Trailers (Ranging from 2 Compartment all the way to 5 Compartment)

  • Kosher Dedicated and Certified by Rabbi Trailers (Also included are dedicated Kosher Certified Chemical Hoses)

  • Food Grade Dedicated Trailers with dedicated food grade hoses

  • All drivers are equipped with a full set of stainless steel fittings to ensure any type of connection from trailer to customer receiving tank with the ability to down or up size from a 3" - 2" or vice versa.

  • All company trailers are equipped with specialty discharge valves that help eliminate cross contamination. All discharge ends are fitted with a 3" A-nut connection

  • All company tractors are also equipped with 40' of 2" chemical hose & 10' of 3" chemical hose.

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