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Customer Service
  • Customer Service Center is based in Jersey City, NJ with a 24/7 presence by way of our toll free number (201) 434-1600
  • Terminals provide local customer service functions
  • CSR's are patient and attentive, and have knowledge of the products being hauled for their customers
  • Advanced systems supporting all forms of communication including EDI
  • Custom reporting available (on time shipping & on time delivery etc.)
  • Document imaging and workflow processes
  • Multifaceted teams providing quick real time updates to delivery statuses

Langer Transport's Customer Service Operation is set up in such a way that we get to know each customer not only at a national level but at a local level as well.  Each part of the country offers different operating challenges and only by working with a carrier that understands those challenges can you overcome them. Inquire today to see how Langer can help you.

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