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Langer is always looking for new ways to integrate safety technology into our every day lives to make us more efficient & productive in the areas of EHS&S (Environmental, Health, Safety & Security). Embedded all throughout our supply chain are examples of that..

Driver benefits to ELD's with Langer

  • Stay ahead of the game with workflow & automated dispatch

  • Know your HOS without the calculation

  • Ability to be dispatched out 48-72 hours in advance

  • Real time navigation software integrated into the tractor

  • Ability to run both US & Canada log books

  • Communicate with dispatch through the unit (No more roaming! No more international minutes!)

In a era where time is money, reducing data-entry time and eliminating unnecessary data-entry errors is crucial for you, the driver. Langer has been able to mitigate our exposure to these by the use of total mail-work flow for load tendering and load status updates from point of origin to point of destination. Langer is providing our drivers with more time for earnings potential.

Electronic logging devices are reshaping the trucking industry and it can be tough to stay on top of the regulation changes affecting hours of service (HOS) while still remaining profitable and sustainable. Here at Langer, we have adopted the Omnitracs Qualacomm IVG units as our mobile communications device. Within that platform is the ability to track our drivers' locations, along with their HOS at all times. We can also receive diagnostic information on the tractor, provide real time updates with total mail workflow for automated dispatching, and utilize truck route navigation and the ability to report road hazards (Incident/Accidents).

Safety Tech on the Tractors & Trailers

  • Governors to control speed limits.

  • Gear ratios that promote smooth and easy shifting creating less product surge.

  • ABS (Anti-Lock Braking Systems).

  • Self Inflation Tire Systems: Which allows for more play within the self adjusting system.

  • Larger Brake Chambers: Which allows for more play within the self adjusting system.

  • Extended service brake shoes for extended wear.

  • Larger brake drums and brake shoes for shorter stopping distances and more efficient braking.

  • APU Units for lower idling and better emissions standards.

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