Customer Service

Langer Transport has Customer Service Operations at all of our terminals that handle each unique set of operating parameters for the region.  This allows us to become experts with regards to loading facilities and the specific areas consignee’s needs. 

Customer Service


Our number one commitment is to our customers and the highest level of service possible.

This begins with communication.

  • Customer Service Center is based in Jersey City, NJ with a 24/7 presence by way of our toll free number 800-552-6437
  • Terminals provide local customer service functions
  • Advanced systems supporting all forms of communication including EDI
  • Custom reporting available (on time shipping & on time delivery etc.)
  • Document imaging and workflow processes

Langer Transports Customer Service Operation is set up in such a way that we get to know each customer not only at a national level but at a regional level as well.  Each part of the country offers different operating challenges and only by understanding those challenges can you overcome them.