Langer Transport Corporation was founded by Joseph Langer in 1934. Today the third generation of Langers oversee the same determined commitment to customers that has been the company’s standard for more than 80 years. Langer Transport’s commitment to excellence includes growth.  Since its beginnings in Jersey City, NJ, Langer Transport has grown to include five terminals and eleven satellite operations. Langer Transport’s Commitment to the Quality Process ensures that our customers receive the highest level of professional service and courtesy in the industry.


A Proud Tradition of Service

Menu Of Services
  1. We provide a variety of different liquid transportation options including food grade equipment, kosher certified equipment and high temperature equipment.
  2. Our customers include the chemical, oil, food grade, consumer care, and pharmaceutical industries.
  3. All locations have single compartment and multi compartment equipment.
  4. We also offer lightweight aluminum equipment.
  5. Our fleet contains insulated and non-insulated trailers.
  6. Our Engineering Department specializes in developing custom designed equipment to help our customers overcome difficult situations.

Mission Statement